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Application form to register a trademark

By means of this application form you can apply for a registration of a trademark. Before we file a trademark application for you, you will have to provide us with the following information so that we can successfully register your trademark.

Are there any absolute grounds for refusal (lack of distinctive character, requirement for availability, descriptive character of the trademark) or other impediments for trademark registration (publication of the trademark)?

  • Which goods and/or services are to be protected?
  • What representation of the trademark you prefer (word mark, word-picture mark, picture mark or other)?
  • What shall be the scope of protection of the trademark and what similar marks or services exist?

We have prepared a checklist to help you prepare the application. Should you have any further questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us. We shall contact you if we need any further information on your trademark.

After we receive your application form, we will take the necessary steps and assist you throughout the application and registration procedure before the Trademark Office. Of course we will confirm the receipt of your application.


Applicant / Owner of a trademark



Person to contact*


Street / House number

Postcode / Town

Area code / Telephone number

Area code / Fax number



Description of the trademark


Representation of the trademark

Specification of goods and services

(Please list the services you trade in or plan to trade in using your mark)

International application

 should possibly follow.

Similarity search (recommended)

 separate research requested


(Please use this field for any other remarks).

Trademark Attorney Fee

* Please fill in all fields marked with an asterisk, otherwise your application cannot be sent.

This form is sent per e-mail. Having sent the form you will not be redirected to another website. Your form has been successfully sent if you do not receive an error report. You can send us image data via e-mail.

You can give us the above information by telephone, fax or e-mail. Should the standardised application form not fit to your requirements, do not hesitate to describe your matter in our contact form or to contact us in any other way which you prefer.

Please note that the lawyer’s remuneration amounting to 175 EUR (inc. VAT) applies to the trademark application in Germany. You can apply for a European or international registration by means of the above application form; lawyer’s remuneration in this case amounts to 275 EUR (in case of CTM) or 285 EUR (in case of IR), inc. VAT.

If you wish any other services from us, we shall like to make you an offer.

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