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TradeMark Agents

Georgstr. 48
30159 Hannover

Fon +49/511/357356-0
Fax +49/511/357356-29 

Trademark Agents/ TM Attorneys/ TM Lawyers

trademark agent germanyMichael Horak, LL.M.
Lawyer since 1998, graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.)
certified ip law specialist (including trademark law)
certified copyright and media law specialist
german trademark agent
european trademark agent

German Trdaemark AgentJulia Ziegeler
Lawyer since 2006,
certified ip law specialist (including trademark law)
certified copyright and media law specialist
german trademark agent
european trademark agent

European Trademark AgentAnna Umberg, LL.M. M.A.
Lawyer since 2012
german trademark agent
european trademark agent

patent agent trademark attorneyDipl.-Phys. Andree Eckhard
Patent Attorney since 2015
german trademark attorney

Trademark Agent Munich HamburgKatharina Gitmann-Kopilevich
Lawyer since 2015
german trademark agent

Trademark Agent HannoverKaroline Behrend
Lawyer since 2009
german trademark agent

European Trademark Attorney/ Agent CologneDr. Johanna Müller
Patent Attorney since 2016
german trademark attorney
european trademark attorney

trademark agent germanyAndreas Friedlein
Lawyer since 2001

trademark attorney european trademark agent trade mark law firm  trade name law office  trademark law international geneve wipo lawyer attorney deutsch trade mark agents europe community trademark application international trademarks german trademark registration file a german trademark english

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