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You can find further information by clicking the following links:

  • IPRECHT.DE: commercial property protection (registration procedure and defending of patents, trademarks, designs, domains, sorts, etc.), technology law (IT law, telecommunications law, etc.) as well as explanations, contracts, clauses and judgements, etc. relating to this subject at  (presented by Michael Horak).
  • The German Patent and Trademark Office offers comprehensive support in all areas of protective rights that can be registered at or at You can download among others leaflets (e.g. „How to register a trademark?”) and official forms. The collection of links includes the remaining patent offices all over the world.
  • Ideahelp helps find names and trademarks as well as offers various searches at
  • The University of Saarbrücken offers a comprehensive collection on legal topics at
  • The American association AIPLA presents its activity in the area of commercial property protection at
  • The IBA (International Bar Association) offers information on international aspects of the lawyer’s profession as well as on legal questions on international level.
  • A multilevel information platform concerning all European Union topics, including its legal acts, statements and other can be retrieved at the official server at
  • The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre offers a detailed overview of domain name dispute resolutions.

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