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TradeMark Agents

Georgstr. 48
30159 Hannover

Fon +49/511/357356-0
Fax +49/511/357356-29 

Imprint of German Trademark Agents

The party responsible for the content and layout of the web pages as well as the owner of the domain is:

Practising as a lawyer requires admission. trademark agent lawyer tm attorney germanyhorak.
Law Office

Georgstr. 48
30159 Hanover/Germany

Fon: +49.511.357356.0
Fax: +49.511.357356.29

Service providers are as lawyers members of the Celle Bar Association seated at Bahnhofstrasse 5, 29221 Celle, Germany ( The Celle Bar Association is the supervisory authority.

Practising as a lawyer requires admission. The service providers are admitted as “lawyers” to the Hanover Magistrates’ and Regional Court, seated at Volgersweg 65, 30175 Hanover, Germany. Some lawyers are also admitted to the Regional Appeal Court in Celle.

Service providers are subject to the following laws and regulations, which can be found at the homepage of the German Bar Association (Bundesrechtsanwaltkammer) at These laws and regulations include among others the following:

 Rules and Regulations for the Bar (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung), BRAO

 Attorney’s Fee Ordinance (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz), RVG

 Occupational Regulations for the Bar (Berufsordnung der Rechtsanwälte), BORA

The turnover tax identification number of the service provider follows.

Additional information concerning the term “advising engineer”: the supervising authority is the Engineer Chamber of Lower Saxony. The country, in which the occupational nominations were conferred, is the Federal Republic of Germany. The occupational regulations applying to advising engineers include the Lower Saxony Law relating to Engineers and the Fee Ordinance for Architects and Engineers.

Following the EU platform for online out-of-court dispute resolution: Horak Attorneys at Law is unwilling and not obliged to take part in a dispute settlement procedure for the Consumer Arbitration Board.


This website is intended to convey general information only. It does not constitute legal advice. Neither reading nor downloading nor any other use of the information contained hereby leads to creating a client-lawyer relationship. This concerns especially sending an e-mail without our explicit confirmation. We do not take any responsibility for any messages transmitted via internet, e.g. observing a time limit.


The content of this website, including, texts, photographs, diagrams, as well as the graphic design are protected by applicable laws on intellectual property rights.

Any unauthorised use of the whole or the part of the website will be pursued at civil law and, where appropriate, criminal law.

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